I am a Grandma. This is Joy.


On Friday 23 September 2016, Clark Adam Lewis joined our family.  What an interesting feeling to meet our family’s next generation.  I feel bigger.  I feel our lives expanding and extending into a place in the future we didn’t know before.  Adam and Heidi are going to be amazing parents.  They are totally in love with this little boy.  We look forward to holding him in our arms when they come for Thanksgiving .  We are so grateful for this family blessing.

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My first grandchild is in there!!

2016-9 Heidi pregnant.jpgHeidi is just about ready to pop.  We are just days away and we are excited!

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Happy Birthday, Mr. Rogers! b. 20 Sept 1928


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A Perfect Baby Shower Idea

heidis-baby-shower-inviteThis party is happening today at our home place in Orem.  Wish I could be there.  This is my kind of event–Celebrating our First Grandchild with Books!  The doctors are saying any day now.  We are Excited.

Here are some photos taken at the shower this afternoon.  The party was held in the playground because there was a wedding and reception in our backyard today.  It looks like everyone had a great time.  Thanks to all who helped.2016-9-17-heidi-lewis-baby-shower-25


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A Change of Body Perspective


The other day I listened to a young man tell me he didn’t want to shave because he didn’t like the shape of his chin.  He thought growing some scruff on his face would hide what he thought was an imperfection.

I was dumbfounded.  I had never given his chin a second thought.  Who thinks about chins??   I keep thinking about his perfectly fine chin, wondering about my tummy that’s never as flat as I’d like it to be.  I started wondering if other people stare at my tummy thinking it doesn’t look the way it should.  I think about that All The Time.  Every Day.

Could it be possible that other people aren’t looking at my stomach?  I’m feeling perplexed by this thought.  If there is a possibility that might be true, I have wasted a good part of my life worrying about something for naught.

Then I started thinking about my legs.  They are really long.  And really thin.  I never think about my legs.  They are nothing to me.  They just take me places.  I never think “look at my skinny legs” because I’m thinking, “don’t look at my fat tummy.”  Now I’m wondering if anyone even ever cares what I look like.  People probably are more concerned about whether or not I’m nice to them.

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.”

I’m going to try to stop thinking so much about what I think I look like.

Here is a really good article I found a few weeks ago.  I’ve already read it several times.  I  needed to hear this:

Your Body Is Not Your Masterpiece
Glennon Doyle Melton Huffington Post, 08/05/2014

It is suggested to us a million times a day that our BODIES are PROJECTS. They aren’t. Our lives are. Our spirituality is. Our relationships are. Our work is.

Stop spending all day obsessing, cursing, perfecting your body like it’s all you’ve got to offer the world. Your body is not your art, it’s your paintbrush. Whether your paintbrush is a tall paintbrush or a thin paintbrush or a stocky paintbrush or a scratched up paintbrush is completely irrelevant. What is relevant is that YOU HAVE A PAINTBRUSH which can be used to transfer your insides onto the canvas of your life — where others can see it and be inspired and comforted by it.

Your body is not your offering. It’s just a really amazing instrument which you can use to create your offering each day. Don’t curse your paintbrush. Don’t sit in a corner wishing you had a different paintbrush. You’re wasting time. You’ve got the one you got. Be grateful, because without it you’d have nothing with which to paint your life’s work. Your life’s work is the love you give and receive — and your body is the instrument you use to accept and offer love on your soul’s behalf. It’s a system.

We are encouraged to obsess over our instrument’s SHAPE — but our body’s shape has no effect on it’s ability to accept and offer love for us. Just none. Maybe we continue to obsess because as long we keep wringing our hands about our paintbrush shape, we don’t have to get to work painting our lives. Stop fretting. The truth is that all paintbrush shapes work just fine -and anybody who tells you different is trying to sell you something. Don’t buy. Just paint.

No, wait. First, stop what you are doing and say THANK YOU to your body. Right now. Say THANK YOU to your eyes for taking in the beauty of sunsets and storms and children blowing out birthday candles and say THANK YOU to your hands for writing love letters and opening doors and stirring soup and waving to strangers and say THANK YOU to your legs for walking you from danger to safety and climbing so many mountains for you.

Then pick up your instrument and start painting this day beautiful and bold and wild and free and YOU.

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The End of a Newspaper Era

texting-vs-newspapersSomething big is happening today in the world as we know it.  The Newspaper Association of America, the trade group that has looked after the interests of major newspaper publishers since 1887, will no longer include the very word that defined it:  “Newspaper.”

The new name will be News Media Alliance.  The number of newspapers in the world has been dropping every year.  The world is going digital.  In the future our grandchildren will ask, “Grandma, what was a newspaper?”

They say the word “Newspaper” isn’t big enough to describe the industry anymore.  Media comes at us in so many forms.  Every night, in bed in the dark, while John sleeps,  even I check my news apps on my phone to catch headlines of what’s going on in the world.  That’s about all I have time for, but it keeps me in the loop just a bit.

Our world is changing.  Some things are hard to let go of, like paper.  I like reading books that I can hold with pages I can turn.  I wonder if they, too, will be taken out of our future.  I feel sad about some of these changes.  I’m feeling old and tired of trying to keep up with the times.   It makes me want to take a walk to a corner store and put a quarter in the newspaper dispenser and take a paper from off the top of the stack.


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Happy Birthday Paul Laemmlen b. 7 Sept 1957


This is my famous brother, Paul Laemmlen, who was born on this day in 1957.  He’s the founder of a hugely successful company he started in his basement.  His story is pretty amazing.  He’s changing the gun world.  Here’s a short film clip about what he’s done:




Here’s a spot from this website about Paul:


Real-world solutions to real-world problems. This isn’t just a nice sounding slogan. This was the genesis of StealthGearUSA. This brand does not exist, and these people would not have come together for this work, without the experiences and passions of the founder, Paul Laemmlen.

In his own words: This all started the day my loaded handgun fell out of a poorly-designed IWB holster and onto the floor of a busy retail establishment. That holster (manufactured by a major US holster company) was retired that day to the reject holster box. I take seriously my responsibility as a father, grandfather, husband and citizen gun owner to be safe and protective first and foremost. After an exhaustive search for a better IWB holster, I was disappointed with the poorly-conceived and over-priced offerings on the market. Don’t get me wrong, I love leather craftsmanship, but I was not looking for a beautifully crafted piece of leatherwork to be hidden away and soaked with sweat every day. I was also disappointed with the leather/Kydex hybrids and their claims of being the “most comfortable holster available”. After field-testing several, I knew there had to be something much more comfortable than a Kydex shell riveted to a piece of leather.
I knew there were videos all over YouTube that tell you how to make the same thing in an hour for $20 or $30. I knew that I needed to build myself a better holster. I grew up on a farm, working with equipment and tools, where I was always having tinkering, making repairs, finding ways to get work done in a better way. It’s in my nature to make improvements, to do a job just the way I believe it should be done, without any compromises. So I was confident that, with a little trial and error, I would be able to build an IWB holster without moisture-trapping leather, with completely synthetic materials, ventilated, and padded for comfort. It would need to be lighter and tougher than other holsters on the market. I was looking for rock-solid confidence knowing my holster would always perform flawlessly, and also be comfortable. After a nationwide search for the best and most specialized materials available, my unique IWB holster began to take shape.

“My original intent was to just build a holster for myself…”

My original intent was to just build a holster for myself, but after many friends and family members asked me to make one for them, I quickly realized that this holster design could be the answer to what many other gun owners are looking for. With numerous design and material improvements along the way, and after extensive field-testing, the StealthGearUSA VentCore® IWB Holster evolved into what I believe is the best and most innovative IWB holster on the market today. That one product – which I did not actually create to be a product sold to anyone – was the beginning of StealthGearUSA.  StealthGearUSA started in my basement and by the end of our first year we shipped holsters to all 50 states and 9 countries. Our products have received great reviews from trusted publications and reviewers such as Guns & Ammo magazine, Hickok45, The Truth About Guns, Guns.com, Gun Digest magazine, and many more. I still read almost every single review and comment from our customers. This connection to real users and authentic positive impact on people is what’s most important to me, and to StealthGearUSA.

Paul Laemmlen Stealth Gear
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