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Missionaries are Remembered

While sitting at my desk Friday afternoon, thinking about what I might say at the Othello Stake Conference this last weekend, I got side tracked.  For some reason the name of the man who converted my 3rd great-grandparents was playing … Continue reading

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Yakima Days for Girls kits find homes in Haiti!

These photos and reports from Haiti arrived today.  I’m feeling so happy.  The goodness spreads.  These girls have been trained to distribute kits to other girls their ages.  This week more than 150 kits are finding homes in Haiti.  These kits … Continue reading

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Emotions I can’t explain

I love this list.  I love words that get into the corners of emotions I can’t express. Source: Graphic designer John Koenig has sought for years to fill holes in language that describe the emotions that we all feel, but … Continue reading

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Claire and Graham in Calgary

These two make me so happy.  The fun for them continues in Canada this week.  They are honeymooning in Banff, the same place John and I honeymooned 26 years ago!

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Days for Girls in Yakima! Filling the world with love

Today we filled the world with more love.  Remember that song from Goodbye, Mr. Chips?  I have often thought I would like this song sung at my funeral.  Did I fill the world with love my whole life through? In the … Continue reading

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A night on the town with the kids

After a great meal with these fabulous kids (where they stole food off tables left by other departed customers), we walked to the Provo City Temple and enjoyed the beautiful grounds.  Sometimes you just want to kiss boys’ faces.  This … Continue reading

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Dropping in on my Quilt Group

Every Wednesday my quilt group meets in Orem.  I’ve been stitching with these ladies for about 20 years or more.  I surprised them this week by dropping by while I was home.  It was delightful.  These ladies are some of … Continue reading

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Dropping in on my Days for Girls Friends at Building Q in Orem

I got to spend a couple of hours at our Days for Girls work rooms at Building Q (for Queens) in Orem while I was home.  We were just moving into this space before I left for Washington.  Now it’s … Continue reading

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Claire’s Orem Wedding Reception

I received permission to travel home for a couple of days to be with Claire for her wedding reception in our yard.  I passed by Mt. Ranier on my way!   As soon as I was home Tuesday evening, I … Continue reading

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Honeymooners and Wedding Aftermath

Saturday the honeymooners were off and the rest of us went to celebrate at Miner’s! Here’s my dad, Art Laemmlen who will be 86 next month:Friends and cousins: Kris and Leslie Laemmlen: Sunday after church, we said our last goodbyes.  It’s been sad … Continue reading

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