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Thoughts While Changing Adam’s Sheets

Today I changed the sheets on Adam’s bed, remembering the day two years ago when we dropped Adam at the curb of the MTC and I felt my heart walk away with him.  I came home on that day, crawled … Continue reading

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Dead Soldiers

When I was a little girl, my Dad was the plate cleaner in the family.  When we couldn’t eat every bite of food on our plates, Dad came around and took care of things.  Waste not, want not.  It was … Continue reading

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The Butter Knew, But the Body Didn’t Get the Memo

Wow, the weather has cooled, but that’s about all.  For several years I’ve heard friends and sister-in-laws complain about hot flashes.  Even as recent as a month ago, I was feeling quite satisfied that I’d dodged that bullet, having never … Continue reading

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The Butter Knows

Every year, usually on a day in October, the butter on the counter turns hard.  All summer long it’s soft and spready, ready for toast.  Then one day, it all changes.  It’s firm and sure of itself.  It defies spreading … Continue reading

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Some People

Some People by Rachel Field Isn’t it strange some people make You feel so tired inside, Your thoughts begin to shrivel up Like leaves all brown and dried! But when you’re with some other ones, It’s stranger still to find … Continue reading

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