I could just scream.

I am so angry right now. Claire took my camera last week without asking. She left hers here, so she said, “Just use mine.” So all week, I’ve had to use hers instead of mine, and I’ve taken dozens of photos–-Dad & Kris’s visit and our cabin trip, Adam’s Homecoming party with all of his friends and family, quilts, things important to me. Tonight I went to download the photos. There was no card in her camera. I could just scream. I phoned Claire.
“Why is there no card in your camera???”
“I took it out.”
“Why didn’t you tell me there was no card???”
“You didn’t ask.”
(We have had this conversation before. This isn’t the first time this has happened. . . . )
“Mom, just check the battery and card every time before you take a picture.”
“Claire, you know I NEVER leave a camera without the battery or card in it so I DON’T HAVE TO CHECK.”
She hung up on me.

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