Preparing for the Unpreparable–?

“It is our duty though to contend for more faith, for greater power, for clearer revelations, for better understanding concerning His great truths as He communicates them to us. That is our duty; that is the object of our lives as Latter-day Saints–to live so near unto Him that nothing can happen to us but that we will be prepared for it beforehand. . . .” George Q. Cannon, Gospel Truth, comp. Jerreld L. Newquist, 2 vols. (SLC: DB, 1957, 1:306).

Sometimes I think that there is nothing that quite prepares a mom for teenage children who want to be independent from us so badly it hurts.  But then sometimes, like tonight, we are all here, in the family room, sitting near the fire, having real conversations and enjoying being together.  Everyone came home safely–Claire from a visit to BYU-Idaho, Adam and Aaron from an excursion north to visit cousins in Alpine.  We ate Popcorn, listened to Christmas music escaping from my office, and laughed about random events from our weekend.  It was pleasant, warm, happy, and, for me a glimpse of the years with our kids after teenage-hood, when we will all be adults together and enjoy it.  The thought makes me happy.

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