Mother Teresa
One of our Thanksgiving guests this year was Silvia Ghosh, a delightful woman from Switzerland who John knew when he was on his mission there. She was taught and baptized by Elders living in the same apartment. She is now serving as a missionary in Salt Lake at the Church Archives. She learned to read Pitman shorthand and so she gets to transcribe lots of fascinating church records. I love to listen to her stories and experiences doing these transcriptions. I can hardly imagine a job more exciting.

We became re-connected with Silvia a couple of years ago when her granddaughter, Aline came to live with us for a summer. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Silvia and was thrilled when we ended up at the same end of the table Thursday.

As we visited, I learned that Silvia (who was once married to a man from India) spent some time with him there. Then she mentioned how one day she went to meet Mother Teresa and how she visited with her. I could hardly believe I was speaking with someone who had spoken with Mother Teresa! It sent a thrill through me.

When I get to Heaven, I want to go where Mother Teresa is and sit at her feet and learn from her. I want to love as she loves and see as she sees. I want to notice more.

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