Variety: A Quiet Blessing

When I was a young student at BYU, I remember walking across campus one day, contemplating what to change my major to that particular semester. My plans typically changed with each season. I spent a good deal of time wondering why it was so difficult for me to decide on a field of study, when so many others seemed to just know.

I remember, on that particular day, noticing the students all around me rushing to classes. Everyone was going to a different place with a different lecture and a different professor. It struck me that perhaps there wasn’t one certain path to one correct end. We were all different, going different places, preparing for different futures.

In that moment, I saw clearly that Heavenly Father didn’t just create our functioning bodies, he created our minds, each person’s absolutely unique. If there were a one and only correct path, we would all have been heading to the same class, studying the same topic. The variety in our individual lives is often quiet, unspoken. We just are who we are.

I felt freed that autumn afternoon. Free to explore and discover. Free to not know. Free to expand my learning rather than limit it to one discipline. My whole outlook on my education changed and I felt like my future opened.

Since that epiphany I have always enjoyed, even celebrated variety. In my children, in the garden, in the people I associate with. Even in the used car lots we’ve frequented the last few weeks. What a blessing it is that we all have different tastes, styles and desires. We are spread out over this earth so beautifully that we do not collide with each other. We each have space around us to grow in whatever direction we choose.

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  1. Alisa Hardy Orton says:

    Thank you for keeping this record. I love your posts!

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