Today I am 54 Years Old

“Even though our creator endowed us with this incredible power. . . the ability of the body to heal and repair itself from injury and illness. . . he consigned a counterbalancing gift to our bodies. It is the blessing of aging, with visual reminders that we are mortal beings, destined one day to leave this frail existence. Our bodies change every day. As we grow older, our broad chests and narrow waists have a tendency to trade places. We get wrinkles, lose color in our hair–even hair itself–to remind us that we are the mortal children of an immortal God, with a manufacture’s guarantee that we shall not be stranded on earth forever.”
–Elder Russel M. Nelson, October Conference 1996

I’m happy to be stranded here as long as I’m needed. I love my family and friends and I love the work I have to do every single day. It all makes me very very happy and grateful to be here.

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