FTC Update!

This week I finished sewing all the fabric strip sets that were hiding under the ping pong table. A day or two later I went to play at a friend’s house, where we stitched together and I showed her the two finished quilts that are waiting to be bound. She loved them too and wanted to start some of her own, so we put down our stitching and headed right over to our favorite quilt shop to start her I Spy Stash. Of course, I found a few pieces I needed, and she found a pile of delightful conversation prints, and we decided that if we bought different fabrics, we could cut and share with each other, and it was all delightful and good. Then I came home and cut more strips–some for her and some for me, and I sewed more strip sets and made more blocks. Then a couple of days later a bag with her fabrics showed up and it had all these beautifully wonderful strips in it that she kindly wanted to share with me and so it goes and goes and goes. I can see now that there really will never be an end to these delightful quilts. You can see in the photo below there are 12 more quilts ready to assemble and extras and now I have more delightful strips to cut and sew.

I my heart of hearts, I’m really a little bit glad that this project has not ended because I’m hoping it’s a sign. A sign that there will be oodles of grandchildren, some day, to match each one of these delightful quilts.

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4 Responses to FTC Update!

  1. Elizabeth Duran says:

    Love your Postage Stamp Quilts and your insightful blogging. Please tell me how you quilt your quilts?

  2. http://www.redpepperquilts.com/2012/04/postage-stamp-quilt-tutorial.html
    Here’s where I found the idea and there are free instructions.
    They quilted with straight lines, 2 through each block like a cross hatch.
    I had mine quilted with a meander or stipple. I thought there were enough straight lines and I just wanted an over-all stitch that didn’t compete with the fabrics.
    I’ve also seen one done with a diagonal cross hatch through each block both ways.
    I like the over-all stipple best. Maybe I’ll take a close-up photo and post it so you can see how it looks now that it’s quilted and washed.

  3. Thanks, also, for your kind comments.

  4. lori wilson says:

    Miss you dear Ann!

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