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Last month I sent word out to all my nice friends, telling them about the wonderful experience I had watching women at work making sanitation kits for young women around the world [see March 8 entry]. I decided that I’d like to help more. To anyone living in my area who is interested and willing to contribute to this humanitarian project, I’ve offered to come speak and do a presentation about Africa and chip in some money to help purchase fabric. It’s been fun to respond to the invitations that are coming in. Last week I met a group of delightful women in Salt Lake City. Here are a few photos of these women at work. I applaud each one!

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From the Days for Girls Website:
What if not having sanitary supplies kept you isolated during menstruation? DAYS without school. DAYS without income. No leaving your room… for DAYS. It happens worldwide to women in struggling communities. Girls miss up to 3 months of school in just 1 year. Girls use leaves, mattress stuffing, newspaper, corn husks, rocks, anything they can find… all to try to stay in school. Worse, girls are often exploited in exchange for hygiene. It turns out this issue is one of the keys to social change. It’s hard to imagine, but true for women all over the world.
Days for Girls empowers Days of education. Days of health. Days of safety. Days of dignity. So far our efforts have reached over 60,000 girls and women in 33 nations on 5 continents and counting. There are millions to go, and thanks to thousands of exceptional volunteers worldwide, and important collaborations, it’s working. We need you.

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