Updates: Many of them!

1. Claire Moved Home (see Aug 29 post)
Well, today I went to help Claire move out of her BYU apartment.  I took rags and cleaners and we worked to scrub down the place.  They gave her a detailed list of jobs to check off.  It took us a few hours, then we loaded the car and brought the stuff home and piled it all in the family room until she could make space in her room upstairs for everything.  I thought today about my very first blog entry the week she left for her first year away at college.  She had forgotten an eyelash brush.  She came home with a filled suburban.
Claire moving home Apr 2013 (1)
2.  Walking Onions (see Nov 6 post)
It’s spring and the walking onions are flourishing in the garden.  They’re the first new growth out there.  I had to pull a couple of bucket loads of them to share with others.  They just came, without any help from me.  I’m happy to adopt them out to neighbors and friends.
Walking Onions, spring (1)
3.  Snowstorm Aftermath (see Nov 11 post)
Well, the neighbor’s stump had to come out.  Jim worked all day trying to loosen it, Finally, with the help of another neighbor’s truck and chain, it loosened.  A tragic casualty of too many snowflakes.
Jim's Stump

4.  Where do the quail go when it snows?  (see 31 Dec, Jan 29 posts)
I was out in the yard, putting a letter in the mailbox one night.  It was after midnight.  The large pine out my bedroom window is by the streetlight over the mailbox.  I was amazed to hear the tree filled with roosting birds.  Sure enough, inspected in the daylight, I found the inner boughs filled with droppings and plenty of space for roosting.  Now I know where the quail spent the winter.  It made me happy.
Pine tree

5.  Aversion to Odd Numbers (see Jan 20, Feb 9 posts)
When my computer froze last January, I lost all my iTunes playlists.  I finally put most of them back together again, not quite as completely as Humpty Dumpty, but at least now I can listen to music again while I work at my computer.  In doing this, I discovered another odd aversion that I suffer with: the volume control numbers must be even.  I cannot bear to listen to music with an odd number volume setting.  I simply can’t.

5.  FTC Quilts (see Feb 15, Feb 24, Mar 10 posts)
I thought I was done cutting strips for the Postage Stamp quilts.  It got away from me again.  I don’t know what to say, other than I lost control.  Again.  More quilts coming.
Here is a free tutorial from Red Pepper Quilts for these postage stamp quilts: http://www.redpepperquilts.com/2012/04/postage-stamp-quilt-tutorial.html

6.  Boston Marathon Bombing (see Apr 15 post)
Two bombing suspects were caught, one was killed in the process, the other is being
held in a prison hospital.  They were brothers from the Chechen region of Russia.  The police and FBI are trying to piece together the details of a plot that killed three people and injured more than 260.  At least 15 lost limbs.  Now they are saying their next target would have been Times Square in New York City.  Thank goodness they didn’t get that far.

Boston Bombings 2

7. Find-A-Grave (see Apr 24 post)
They’ve hit the 98 millionth entry! It won’t be long now until they hit 100 million memorials!

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