Claire Update

Claire 11 May 2013 broken

Some of you are asking how Claire is doing. She’ll be broken for a couple of months. No walking until July. Right now she’s pretty miserable. She hasn’t pooped in 10 days. The feet hurt. The pain meds make her throw up. She can’t get out of her chair. She’s not feeling up to reading yet. We’re hoping to turn a corner soon. Visitors are welcome and a nice distraction.

Further update at 11:30 p.m.:
Aaron to Adam this evening, “Did you know that ‘stools’ is a polite way of saying poop?”
Adam, “No it’s not.”
Aaron: “It is, I promise.”
Adam, “Why would anyone call poop a stool??”

The prunes, peppermint Smooth Move tea and the herbal laxative paid off! Claire is feeling much better now.

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