Blanca’s Quilt

Blanca Quilt (3)
Today I finished a quilt for my dear friend, Blanca. She is battling breast cancer. Blanca comes to my home every couple of weeks to help me do things I don’t like to do. I love her and the kind service she provides.
I picked the log cabin quilt pattern for her because of its symbolism. The red center block represents the heart or hearth of the home (her). It’s paired with an equal sized block–I told her that was her husband. Then those two center blocks are surrounded by the “logs” which, to me, represent the support and love of family. I picked blues because they are the favorite color of Blanca’s son, who died of cancer several years ago. Today would have been his 24th birthday. I told Blanca the tans and blues represent her family on both sides of the veil, surrounding her. I hope she loves this offering and I hope it will bring her comfort, warmth and love.
Blanca Quilt (1)

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