Theodore Turley, here I come!

Turley, Theodore - Front
This is my 3rd great grandfather, Theodore Turley. I’ve spent several years trying to uncover the details of his life. In a few days I’m going to Toronto, Canada to walk where he walked and to search for evidence of his life there. In about 1826 he and his wife, Frances Amelia Kimberley left Birmingham, England and sailed to Upper Canada with two small children, hoping for a better life. For nearly 20 years, Theodore was a Methodist preacher and a metal worker. He and his family, now numbering 10, found that better life when Mormon missionaries came calling.

They called upon Theodore to seek permission to use his chapel. He not only loaned his chapel but also asked the members of his congregation to stay to hear what the Elders had to say. After hearing their message, Theodore said to himself, “That is the truth and I shall be condemned if I do not accept it.” Theodore later would write, “I received the truth the first time I heard it & my Wife also was baptized the 1 of March 1837.” The next year they joined with a group of Latter-day Saints, left Canada, and traveled with teams and wagons to Far West, Missouri.

Theodore and Frances are my heroes. I love them. I revere and honor them. Because they listened to what those missionaries had to say, the lives of their posterity, numbering now more than 20,000, have been blessed. I am just one of those many, many descendants, but my life is different than it might have been if Theodore and Frances had not listened and recognized truth when they heard it.

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  1. Linda S. Wilson says:

    Hello Ann from Ontario, Canada
    Did you check the Churchvile Cemetery’s register of graves put out by the Halton-Peel Branch of the Ontario Ancestors, aka Ontario Genealogical Society, for any mention of those of your ancestors interred in that cemetery? I have a copy of it. Checked and found no records of Turley. However, did some of your ancestors have a different surname. If so, I can check for you if you like.
    Many of my ancestors and relatives are buried in this small cemetery.

    • Thank you, Linda. Maybe our families knew each other there.
      Here’s a transcription I made of Theodore Turley’s Family Memorial page with his recorded family information:

      Family Memorial April 10th ____

      Theodore Turley Born Birmingham 1800 Brentr__ sh B
      Married at Hartsowrn Church November 26 1821 to
      Francess Kimberley same place Born June 22 1800
      Wife of Theodore Turley Died at Winter Quarters Near Council Bluffs
      the 30 of August 1847
      Theodore Turley ^Jnr Born in Birmingham year 1822
      Sept 4th Baptized & registered at St Phillips Church
      Francess Amelia Turley Borne Janary 1^st 1821 Registered
      at St. Gorges Church Birminsey London Died at Council
      Bluff or Winters Quarters November 1, 1846 and her babe
      Mary Ann Turly Borne July 13th 1827 in Yorke
      Upper Canady North America Regersted at Methodist
      Episcopal Church york U. C.
      Pricilla Turley Borne Church Hill Township of ^ Yorke U.C.
      Toronto, June 1829
      Fredrick Turley Born 1832 May 23^rd in Church Vill U. C.
      Obia Turley Borne 1834 July 5^th in Church Vill U. C.
      July 29^th 1834 Buried at Churchvil
      Saria Elizabeth Turley Born September 24^th 1835 in Church
      Vill U. C.
      Isac Turley Borne 22 November 1837 in Church Vill U. C. ^Baptized in Nauvoo
      Church Vill U. Canadia (pencil)
      Charlottee Turley Daughter of Theodore & Frances TUrley Born
      in Nauvoo. Hancock County Illonise North americia
      My Father William Turley Died April 7^th in Birmingham
      Warwickshire England
      Jonathan Turley born September 13^th 1842 Nauvoo
      Died at Mount Rigia on our journey to the rockey mountins
      May 12^th 1846 Garden Grove
      I suspect the headstones or markers have been lost. Turley was the only family name used there. What a beautiful cemetery. I loved visiting there. Thanks for your note. Ann

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