Research Trip, Day 2 in Toronto

Day 2 in Canada. I’m feeling more excited than exhausted after spending 12+ hours today searching. First we went to the Land Registry in Brampton where we searched maps, then old land register books, then microfilms and found seven of Theodore’s actual land records. Then we drove into town to the main Toronto City Library. We are having some amazing experiences as we have felt guided to obscure documents and records. I have no doubt we are being directed. We came to look for a needle in a haystack, and we are finding some amazing records that help us stitch together more and more of the puzzle of the life of Theodore Turley and his family members. We are finding him!
Churchville Land
I often wonder why I feel so drawn to gather the stories of my ancestors. Today, more than ever, I felt very strongly the answer to that question: Their Stories Must Be Told. The impression I get is that the reason for this must not be just that they are interesting stories for us to know and understand. Whatever is pulling us together must also be imperative for them. Otherwise they would not direct us to the needles we are finding.

I think the day will come when we will understand this much more clearly.
See D&C 128:18.
Below is the beautiful spot where Theodore Turley owned land bordering the River Credit:
Theodore Turley's land

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  1. natalie tanner says:

    Ann, I’m hanging on every word (and picture), keep them coming! I can’t wait to get a full report of your trip!

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