Home again. Happy Birthday Frances Amelia Kimberley Turley!

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I’m happily home again, grateful for a Wonderful Week that brought me closer to more than one family member, one of them being Frances Amelia Kimberley Turley, Theodore’s wife who was born in Birmingham, England 213 years ago today. The ancestral women in our families often remain silent. To help me remember them, I keep the artwork above by Joseph Brickey above my computer where I work every day. Frances and Theodore had two young children before leaving England sometime in 1826-27. Six more were born in Toronto (York) and Churchville, and the last two were born in Nauvoo, including my great great grandmother, Charlotte.

These were frontier women who did hard things. Their faith and grit sustained them. Their love and watch-care for their children and for me, is equally sustaining. I suspect I, too, have been carried in the arms of Frances’s love.

Frances (Fanny) died of scurvy in 1846 in Winter Quarters, Nebraska.
She was 47 years old.
WQ Temple & Cemetery
Winter Quarters Cemetery

You can read more about Frances Amelia Turley here:



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  1. melodybarber says:

    Thank you for sharing this research on Theodore Turley. He is also my third great grandfather. I am descended from his daughter Priscilla, who was also born in Toronto and married Amasa Lyman. I got to visit Toronto three or four times on business, but never had any time to do any research on the Turley line, but I thought about them while I was there. I particularly liked the picture you shared by Joseph Brickey. I imagine that is very close to what Frances looked like. Thanks again. Your distant cousin,
    Ted Barber

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