FTC hopefully LAST update!

FTC Newport (2)

I’m going to go out on a limb and say I’m (almost) FINISHED making these adorable little blocks.  I brought all the ones I have that haven’t been sewn into quilts already with me to the beach and today I finished sewing all the ones I’ve cut in the last couple of weeks.  The blocks are finished and counted.  You won’t believe this.  I have 999 1/2 blocks sitting here.  I think that’s a sign that I’m almost finished.  Half a block more will make it an even 1000.  That’s enough for 12.5 more quilts.  I think I’ve got 7 at home, 4 completed, 3 tops assembled.  That means if I happen to falter and make just a few more blocks (40), I will have TWENTY of these Postage Stamp Quilts to put away for grandkids some day.  That’s only 7 or so kiddies from each of my 3 children!  Yay!

Now I can finish assembling all the tops.  I have promised myself I’d stop, but you know how I am about even numbers.  I’ll probably eventually get to 20 even and call it done.

Here is a free tutorial showing how to make this quilt: http://www.redpepperquilts.com/2012/04/postage-stamp-quilt-tutorial.html

FTC Newport (1)

Here’s where I am when I’m not sewing:


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3 Responses to FTC hopefully LAST update!

  1. This is very impressive! 🙂
    I am very excited to see your completed quilts!
    Keep me posted!

  2. Sarah says:

    Holy mackerel! That is a lot of blocks! They are adorable. Good work!

  3. Denice Roney says:

    After talking with you at the quilt shop I had to come home and see these postage stamp quilts you were talking about. Wow! And you’ve finished nearly 20? I started cutting. And cutting. And cutting. And it’s addicting. Then when I’m at the fabric shop I can’t pass by something that would be cute in the quilt. So I buy. And I cut. Today I had to come back to your blog to refresh my memory on how to get started. Now I will sew. I have so many strips cut, but not to worry, I’ve got 12 kids. So many opportunities for making quilts for the grandkids. Thanks for sharing your inspiration.

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