Mace’s Bridal Shower


I’ve shown you now how we do a Man Shower.  Here are a few photos from the bride’s shower which was held last month.  My sisters-in-law are the queens of fancy parties like this one, held at Aunt Di’s home in Alpine.  Claire took most of these photos as cousins, aunts and friends enjoyed a delightful day and delicious food.


IMG_3923 IMG_3925 IMG_3938 IMG_3942 IMG_3943 IMG_3946  IMG_3972 IMG_3974 IMG_3984 IMG_4000 IMG_4009 IMG_4012 IMG_4032 IMG_4039  IMG_4060 IMG_4084 IMG_4107 IMG_4113 IMG_4115 IMG_4120 IMG_4145 IMG_4152 IMG_4175 IMG_4043IMG_4199

I especially loved these last framed gifts for the bride and groom.  Claire made them.  Each lists 50 things each loves about the other.  What beautiful tributes.

Mace and Ben will be married next week in the Las Vegas Temple.  Let the celebrations continue!

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