BYU Education Week

BYU Ed Week with Deb

This week I’ve attended Education Week at BYU.  Every year (for the last 91 years), before the students begin Fall Semester, the campus is opened to the world for Education Week.  Professors, presenters, and speakers from all over the nation come to teach and share with those of us who attend.  It’s really quite amazing.  There were more than 1,000 classes to chose from on every imaginable topic.

I enjoyed attending with my dear friend, Debbie Herburg.  We like the same topics and instructors and we had a great time together.  I’ve got about 20 pages of wonderful notes and new things to think about, and many of those topics will no doubt make their way into these blog essays in the coming months.

The theme this year was “A People of Profound Learning,” reflecting  Brigham Young’s desire that we “learn everything that the children of men know, and . . . . improve on this until we are prepared and permitted to enter the society of the blessed–the holy angels that dwell in the presence of God.”

Education Week

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  1. Bonnie Miles says:

    Ann, Once again, your presentation at UVQ was more than just quilts – I enjoyed the words as much as the beautiful creations. I asked about one quote you gave, about quilts(words) lasting beyond OUR lives. I’ve looked through your old blog entries, and can’t seem to locate it. If you will point me in the right direction, I’ll look again. It would be perfect for using as a quote at the Winter Quilt Retreat in February. Thanks for your inspiration – on every level. Bonnie

  2. Hi Bonnie. Thanks for your kind words. Go to 1 Nov, People Disappear When they Die for that quote. I also read the poem from FTC Relapse on 10 July and a quote from 31 July Beach Reading on using your best now. They’re all good thoughts to consider in our quilting lives.
    I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop stuff. You and I are a lot alike!

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