Pushing the SEND Button

Aaron Lewis, Mission Photo Sep 2013

Well, today the SEND button will be pushed.  That means Aaron’s missionary application will be electronically sent and we will start waiting for his mission call to be issued.  Sometime in the next 2 weeks, he will be assigned to a particular area anywhere in the entire world.  It could be in the States, it could be across any ocean.  After this Fall semester at BYU, he will head out, joining over 75,000 Mormon missionaries all over the world.

LDS missionaries serve happily and voluntarily and at their own expense.  The young men go for 2 years, the young women go for 18 months.  In almost every case they return saying it was “the best 2 years” or “the best 18 months” of their lives to that point.  It certainly was for me.  I was sent to South Africa from 1981-1983.  Serving a full-time mission changes lives.  Something amazing happens to you when you focus 100% of your time on bringing people closer to Jesus Christ.  It not only changes their lives, it also changes your own heart and soul in significant ways.

I’m thrilled, excited, and a bit nervous now, as the wait begins.


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