Adam and Heidi are ENGAGED!!

Adam & Heidi Engaged (3)

Today was a Red Letter Day in our family.  Adam proposed to Heidi Robins, and set the course to his eternal happiness!  This afternoon he enlisted Claire and Aaron to help him set the stage.  They hauled a trailer and boat up to Tibble Lake in American Fork Canyon. They took a table, table cloth, two dozen red roses, 3 cameras, zoom lenses, a video camera, binoculars, and a very beautiful diamond ring.  They set things up, then hid in the pine trees to wait.

Adam and Heidi followed a bit later, found the waiting boat which Adam said a friend had left for them to use, and they rowed around the lake, enjoying the scenery.  He later told me he read to her a list he’s been keeping in his phone of 99 things he loved about her.  Then at a precise time, they headed back to the shore, and walked to a beautiful meadow not far away.  In the meadow was a table and on the table were the roses and the ring.

Engagement Adam & Heidi 5 Sept 2013

Adam dropped to his knee and asked Heidi if she would marry him.  When I later texted Aaron, I asked, “Did she say yes??”  he texted back, “She sure did!”  About the time this was happening, I was looking towards the mountains and there was a beautiful double rainbow.  It felt like a sign that heaven was smiling upon them.  I was smiling too.

Adam & Heidi Engaged (2)

Adam & Heidi Engaged (6)Adam & Heidi Engaged (9)

Adam & Heidi Engaged (7)

Heidi and Adam are a perfect match.  We are thrilled for them and look forward to a January wedding.  They are going to have a very happy life!

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