Happy Birthday Elizabeth Degen Bushman, b. 12 Sept. 1802

Elizabeth Degen Bushman  midwife in Lehi

Here is an excerpt from the book, Our Pioneer Heritage, Vol. 6, p.485-486, about my 3rd Great-Grandmother, Elizabeth Degen Bushman:

Elizabeth Degen Bushman was born September 12, 1802, in Holstein, Basselland, Switzerland. Her father was John Casper Degen. Her mother died in childbirth when Elizabeth was four years of age and a year later her father married again. Six children were born of this union. In the fall of 1816 Mr. Degen brought his family to America.

Elizabeth was married to Martin Bushman in Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1827. He was the son of Abraham and Esther Banks Bushman. They made their home in Lancaster until 1840 and during the years seven children were born to them. That year the Mormon missionaries came to their home and brought the gospel to them. Feeling their teachings were from the Lord they accepted them and soon moved with other Saints to Nauvoo, Illinois. After the exodus of the Mormons from that city the Bushmans went to Hiland Grove, Ohio and here they planted crops and stayed a number of years. In the fore part of 1851 they arrived in Salt Lake City.

One week later the family made its way to Lehi and there Elizabeth began her service as midwife in the community. She brought three hundred and fifty seven babies into the world and the most she ever received was $2.50, for more than two weeks work. Most of the time she walked on these errands of mercy but sometimes she rode on an old hayrack. The last visit she made was during a rainstorm. A cold developed and she never got out of bed again. She was ill six weeks and then was called home May 21, 1878, at the age of seventy-six years.

Below is a  photo of the Family Bible she brought to America from Switzerland.Degen Bible Elizabeth Degen's name

Elizabeth, my third-Great Grandmother, and her family lived in this house in Lehi.  I took these photos of their home a few years ago:Bushman, Martin & Elizabeth Degen  Lehi 1

Bushman, Martin & Elizabeth Degen Home Lehi

Here is an old photo of the home I found in a book about John Bushman, Elizabeth’s son:Martin Bushman Home Lehi 001

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  1. Julia says:

    Hello I am the 3rd great granddaughter of Elizabeths sister Maria Degen, I have been enchanted by all the amazing historical stories of my 3rd grand aunt, just wonderful, thank you. I would be so very grateful if anyone could shed some light on Elizabeths sister, Maria, she married my 3rd Grand-dad,Moses Rosenblatt but appears after he died, I think she re-married into the leftwich family and lived until she was 100 years old. I received this wonderful information form a cousin in the states and would really appreciate any help, thank you, kind regrds, Julia

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