Sometimes things just get away from you . . . .

Garden (1)

Things have been a little busy around here lately.  I’ve been neglecting my vegetable garden.  I went out today to see what I’d find there.  I discovered a few whale zucchini to add to the beached whales I picked last time and left for the snails to suck on.  I found about a dozen cucumbers and piles of ripe tomatoes.

Garden (2) Garden (3) Then I found these radishes, the size of grapefruits!  Holy Cow.  Who knew a radish could grow that large!  I should have entered them in the State Fair!

Garden (4)

The walking onions are beginning to dry, bend over and walk their new little baby bulbs into the soil for the winter.  I wish some of you would come and take some for your yards.Garden  (2)

Garden  (3)

With a little work and attention, I’m feeling that things are back under control.  At least all the overgrown produce has been thinned out.  There are enough cherry tomatoes out there to feed most of China, and we’ll be eating a few cucumber and tomato salads this next week.  I’m not sure about the zucchini–I don’t really want to make 14 loaves of zucchini bread.  I may leave those for the snails and hope I catch the next ones before they take two hands to pick and a wheelbarrow to bring into the kitchen!

Garden  (1)

I do love my garden, even when it goes places without me.


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