Ben Behunin, Potter


I enjoyed a special treat yesterday.  Our neighborhood book club invited Ben Behunin, a potter from Salt Lake, to come meet with us and share his story.  We had a lovely luncheon and we sat, enthralled as we listened to his experiences.  Not only is he a potter, he’s a writer, a word artist.  I’ve heard about Ben from some of my quilting friends who have read his books and commented on things they’ve learned from him about the creative process.  I was curious and interested to hear for myself.  I’m so glad I went.  I came home with a copy of each of his books, and a few fabulous pieces of pottery.  I am looking forward to enjoying both!

Here is a link to a wonderful tour of the House that Ben Built on You Tube:   This gives you an idea of his creative mind and his talented hands.  I found it interesting, as I went on this virtual tour, how at home I felt seeing the spaces of another artist.  Of course I thought of my quilts and my fabric and the projects that fill our home.  I can’t seem to contain my fabric piles to one or two areas of the house.  They spill into every room.

People who don’t understand sometimes ask me, “so why are you making that quilt?” or “what is that one for?” or “don’t you have enough quilts yet?” as if there is a quota or limit to creative beauty and when we reach it we should stop.  I make quilts because I can’t not make them.  I sensed the same from Ben this morning.  He makes pots and bowls and mugs and pitchers and tiles and all kinds of things.  They come out of his hands.  Quilts come out of mine.  They are just meant to.  That’s my only explanation for it.  And I’m good with that.

I think I will enjoy reading what Ben has to say about this process.  I can see we have a few things in common.   Below are a few photos of some of  his work.  I bought the Nativity Bowl to add to my Nativity collection and a few very fun pieces for Christmas gifts.  I will enjoy giving these to those I love.



IMG_0466 (2)

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One Response to Ben Behunin, Potter

  1. kdaynes says:

    Gary and I enjoy Ben’s pottery, too. My mother gave us an Adam and Eve bowl for our anniversary one year. He has a sense of playfulness.

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