Remembering Ruth Laemmlen (12 Oct.1935 – 10 Feb. 1937)

Laemmlens, Elsa with twins, Art, Henry

On this day in 1935 my Grandma Elsa Laemmlen gave birth to twins, Wilfred and Ruth.  My Dad, Arthur and my Uncle Henry were the proud older brothers.  When little Ruth was still a toddler, she caught a cold that settled into pneumonia.  She was not strong enough to survive.  What a heart-breaking loss for the family.  She was my Grandma’s only daughter.  Uncle Frank was born a month later.  Grandma was always sad about losing her little girl.  She loved her very much.

When I was little Grandma sewed doll dresses for my little dolls.  I always felt sad that she didn’t have a little girl of her own.  I wanted to be that little girl for her, and I followed her around like a little puppy.  She let me play in her button box and she taught me to stitch and crochet and knit.  We baked Kuchen and rolls together on Saturday mornings.  We worked together in the field and in the packing shed.  And when we were tired we took naps together.  I loved being at Grandma’s house.  She was dear to me.  She would have been a wonderful mother to little Ruth.  I’m glad they are re-united now.

Laemmlen, Wilfred & Ruth with Art     Laemmlen, Henry, Wilfred & Ruth, Art

Laemmlen, Ruth b. 1935 headstone

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