Feeling Fine with Flannel and Days for Girls!

DfG Flannel

Today I had a few minutes to wait as the handouts for class tomorrow were being copied, so I went to a local fabric store to see what I could find for our Days for Girls projects.  Flannel was 50-70% off!  I came home with about 45 yards for just more than $100!  I picked out these fun prints that will hide stains nicely.  I am feeling happy thinking about the great good such a small pile of fabric will do in this world.

Next month I go to Mali with a group of doctors.  I’m going to introduce our Health Coordinator there to the Days for Girls projects and take her to visit the High School in Ouelessebougou.  Our neighborhood has set a goal to provide sanitation kits for all the girls in that school.  I am thrilled.  And then we’ll go to other schools in the region and other girls as fast as we can make the kits.  This project is life-changing–for everyone involved.  I can hardly wait to start cutting into this beautiful pile!
Stonewood 4th Ward 23 Oct 2013 (2)
Below is a picture of a class I visited at the Ouelessebougou High School.  The kids come from miles around to attend school here.  You can see the number of girls is low compared to the young men.  We are going to help those girls so they don’t have to miss a week of class each month.
If you are interested in helping with this project, please contact me!  Or go to:
Mali Ouelessebougou HS

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