Heading soon to Africa!

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In 2 weeks, I’ll be back in Africa.  I can’t seem to get enough of being in that place.  Things keep happening in my life that pull me back there over and over and over again.

I’ll bet you didn’t know that West Africa is about as large as the United States!
Maybe one of the reasons Africa fills so much of my heart is because there is so much of Africa to love.

My friends and I are mobilizing women to help us make Feminine Hygiene kits (see daysforgirls.org) that we will take on this trip.  These will be the first kits to go to Mali.  I can hardly wait to watch the faces of the girls who will be receiving them.  Their lives are about to change.  I would do just about anything for those women and girls.  Thoughts of them keep me awake at night.

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