Be Interesting. Be Available. Be Patient.

IMG_1034John and I were invited to speak to a Young Single Adult group this evening at Utah State University in Logan, 2.5 hours north of here.  Others are often interested in hearing about our experiences because we were each in that YSA age group for quite some time.  We watched our friends marry and move on in life, while we stayed single, each in our own worlds.

As we headed north, I thought about what simple words of advice I would give to those who are wondering where their futures will take them.  The three things that I would advise singles to do are simple, but powerful.

#1.  Be Interesting.  If you are interesting, others will be interested in you.  If you are not interesting, change now.  Do interesting things.  Read interesting books.  Meet interesting people.  Go interesting places.  Become an interesting person.

#2.  Be Available.  Get out of your man caves.  Don’t sit alone in front of the TV.  Circulate, socialize, go where people are, make friends.  Be open.  Meet others.  Be welcoming and friendly.  Be available.

#3.  Be Patient.  We cannot always control what happens when in our lives.  Sometimes there is a greater plan for your life than you can see from your own perspective.  Be patient and trust.  If you are true to yourself (interesting) and in the right places at the right times (available), leave the rest to God.  Trust in His timing for your life.  Be Patient.

These are things I learned after looking back on my own single life, and seeing how things unfolded years later than I expected.  My single years were happy good years, filled with adventure and learning and great friends.  I wouldn’t trade them for the world.

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