Aaron and Garrett Lewis, Cousins

Lewis, Aaron and Garrett Temple Trip

Last night Aaron and his cousin, Garrett Lewis were endowed with power from on high.  That’s one way our future missionaries are prepared to go out and serve.  We had a beautiful evening at the Oquirrh Temple with lots of Aunts and Uncles and Cousins.

The blessings of the temple have been here through many dispensations of time.  This evening Aaron and Garrett went to claim them.  In temples we make sacred covenants with God–to serve and sacrifice, to keep ourselves clean and pure, and to offer all we have and are back to God.  These are serious covenants.  It’s a life course choice we make to be the best we can be and to give all we have to give.

I love these boys and the choices they are making.

And this weekend, Claire has been in London.  She’s in a different place every weekend!  Berlin, Nurnberg, Prague, Salzburg, Florence, Venice, Budapest, Bratislava, and next week Rome.  A link to her daily blog is there on the right.  You go girl!

Claire in London

Lewis, Claire in London 2014-11-16

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