Family History Class –Semester ends today

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAToday my fall semester Family History Class ended.  Wow, it’s been a fun semester and it has flown by.  I feel a bit like a  whole new army of family historians and researchers has now been unleashed into the world!   For six hours today, I listened as class members shared their experiences and feelings about the work they have been doing this semester.  It was thrilling.  I feel more motivated than ever to do what I can to help empower others to feel the joy that comes with connecting to their families–both their ancestors and their descendants.

My next class will begin on 21 January 2014.  If any of you are interested in attending, below are the topics for each class.  Email me at and I will add you to the class mailing list.

1.   Introduction to Family History Work
2.   Journal Keeping
3.   Life Chronologies and Time Lines
4.   Your Personal History
5.   Organizing Your Computer Files, Digitizing
6.   Doing Descendant Research, FAG, Types of Sources: Primary, Secondary, Compiled
7.   Types of Records and Where to Find Them, Censuses, Document Binders
8.   Sourcing Documents
9.   Using the Internet to Search, Google
10.  Location Research
11.  Finding Histories of Family Members, Oral Histories
12.  LDS Sources, Blessings of the Temple
13.  The Spirit World / Sharing Success Stories

“Every thought or word or act we direct at this sacred work is pleasing to the Lord. Every hour spent on genealogical research, however unproductive it appears, is worthwhile. It is pleasing to the Lord. It is our testimony to Him that we accept the doctrine of the resurrection and the plan of salvation. It draws us close to those who have gone before. It welds eternal links in family associations and draws us closer to Him who is our Lord.”  -Elder Boyd K. Packer, The Holy Temple, p. 255

Pictured above: Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Laemmlen, my Great Great Grandfather, and his family.

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