Thanksgiving in Mali

Mail 2013 Grils with Ann

I’m just finishing the Mali Journal.  Here’s part of my entry, made on Thanksgiving Day, 2013:

Today we give thanks.  Thanks for being here.  Thanks for having enough to share.  Thanks for each other.  Thanks for family at home.  Thanks for clean bottled water to drink.  Thanks for safety on dark and dangerous roads.  Thanks for dusty nets protecting us from mosquitoes who want to share malaria blood with ours.  Thanks for dark brown eyes and bright smiles.  Thanks for Anounou and Teningnini and translators who help our words and love to be understood.  Thanks for bright colorful fabrics and faces in a dust covered world.  Thanks for cold showers at the end of hot days.  Thanks for the gift of sight.  Thanks for hands that heal.  Thanks for a God above who loves His children in every remote corner of this glorious world.  Thanks for a chance to feel and witness that love.


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