Another Generous Donation from American Quilting in Orem!

2013-12-27 (2)

What, I ask, is better than a carload of fabric? Hmmm. Can’t really think of anything!

Our thanks again to Amy McClellen and her helpers at American Quilting.  Pick up and drop off your Days for Girls kits there.  Beginning on January 10th, we will have 2 workshop/open houses each month where you can come learn to make the shields and pads that go in the feminine hygiene kits.  We need your help.  And you need to feel the joy this project will bring to you and your family.  It’s live changing on both ends.  See .  Thanks to all!

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2 Responses to Another Generous Donation from American Quilting in Orem!

  1. Susan Christian says:

    Ann, my small sewing group would like to help you with the Hygiene Kits if you still need help. We could send you complete kits or components. Please let me know what you need most.

  2. sueburton says:

    Thanks for the information about the classes at AQ. I’ll be there tomorrow. Just learned about DFG today (while VTing). Looking forward to joining in.

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