Camp Williams Kids Assemble Kits!

Camp William Kids 2013-1-21

Last night while I was teaching Family History look what happened across the valley.  Lorri Cummings and Melissa Phillippi, my colleagues took DfG to Camp Williams, to a group of great kids who have a parent who is currently deployed.

Melissa sent these photos with this message:  Thank you to the amazing Youth Council at Camp Williams who helped us with a massive project last night!  This group of talented Young People and their families worked hard to assemble 300 kits for Days for Girls that will be shipped to Mali at the end of the Month.  They worked so hard that they even had time to thread 100 drawstring bags, and trace shield patterns onto 13 yards of PUL; and they did it all with smiles on their faces!  Thank you so much for your help and for being a perfect example to us of what hard work, love, dedication, compassion, leadership, kindness and willingness to sacrifice for others is all about.

We wish all of our service men and women the very best.  We, with your kids, cheer you on!

Camp William Kids Assemble Kits

Camp William Kids Assembling  2013-1-21

Camp William Kids 2013-1-21 .

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