Happy Birthday, Emanuel Richard Lundquist, my Great Grandfather b. 1867 in Sweden

Lundquist, Emanuel Richard

Today I remember my Great Grandfather, Emanuel Richard Lundquist.  His life was filled with many life-threatening tragedies and hardships.  In each instance, however, it seemed there were angels protecting him.  Even so, he died of a heart attack at age 57.

Emanuel was born 13 March 1867 in  Broten, Amneharad, Socken Skaraborgs, Sweden on a small farm, the 6th of seven brothers and two sisters.  In 1880 when he was a young boy, a neighbor named Olaf Olafson occasionally stopped by on his way to the flour mill and spoke of Mormonism.  Emanuel’s father died a year later.  His mother, Carolina Ericson Lundquist, then sold the family farm and prepared to join the Saints in America.  On August 26th, 1881 they departed.  Carolina and her children were baptized the next day by Elder A. G. Johnson in Gotteborg, before leaving Sweden.

I am grateful for my ancestors who made wise choices that have affected my life today.  I hope the choices I am making now will also have an impact for good on those who will follow me.  Someday, years from now, I hope they feel the love I have for them as I try my hardest to be good and to do good.

You can read Emanuel’s Autobiography here: http://annlaemmlenlewis1.wordpress.com/2014/03/13/autobiography-of-emanuel-richard-lundquist-b-1867-sweeden-my-great-grandfather/

The Lundquist home on 579 Fifth Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah, built by Emanuel in 1901.  This photo was taken in the spring of 1975.

Lundquist Home, SLC

And below is a photo of Jacob Bushman, Grace’s father, taken here on 5th Avenue.

Bushman, Jacob 5th Ave SLC

Jacob Bushman visiting the Lundquists at 5th Ave in SLC

Lundquist, Emanuel Richard Family

Emanuel Richard, Leo Ivan b. 1894, Clarence Richard b. 1893, Grace Honor Bushman Lundquist b. 1873.

Lundquist headstones, City Cemetery, SLC (2)

Emanuel and his family members are buried in the Salt Lake City Cemetery.

Lundquist headstones, City Cemetery, SLC (11)

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