Aaron helping out in Chile

2014-4-20 Aaron Valparaiso 4

We received an interesting letter from Aaron this week.  Sounds like he’s having some great opportunities to help people there in need:

On Friday, we had the amazing opportunity to go help out the victims of this giant fire that was in this place called Valparaiso, with is 2 hours away from Santiago, and is in the Viña del Mar mission.  So we got up EARLY Friday morning and headed out.  Once we got there, we got some awesome Church vests, then went to this warehouse place RIGHT NEXT TO THE OCEAN!!!! it smelled soooooooo good. like Calli! and we could see the ocean and everything.  Valparaiso is suuuuper pretty, like a little Rio de Janerio, so pretty. So at the warehouse, we just unpacked millions and millions of boxes of donations.  Seriously, this Church is the best.  There were so many Donations.  After that, we got to go up the mountain!! so we walked up this giant Hill, where the fire was..  As we went up, you could see all of the houses and lives that had just been completely destroyed.  I’ll never forget that walk.  Just passing by people that lost everything.  So humbling.

Once my group got to the top, we took out our shovels and started digging through the ash, just basically cleaning the ground from the ash and debris.  We literally dug through like little toys and just little objects that used to belong to a normal family, but now they were rubble.  We put all of the ashes in bags and transported them to another place, out of the way.  Other missionaries took out the ruined foundations of houses too, and stuff like that, but I just dug and dug, and carried bag after bag up the mountain (I was super sore after hahha). I also got suuuuper dirty. We did that for hours, than came back home and slept like rocks.  That was an experience that I am never going to forget.  Truly humbling.  Hopefully we`ll get another opportunity to go back and help again! that would be awesommeee.

2014-4-20 Aaron Valparaiso 2

2014-4-20 Aaron Valparaiso

2014-4-20 Aaron Valparaiso 3

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