Miracle of the Twill Tape!

2014-4-29 Twill Tape order (3)Last week I got an email at 11:25 p.m. from my friend, Julie, a DfG kit maker across the valley.  She said she was looking on Ebay for twill tape and found a seller who had some rolls of white 9/16″ tape for $21.95 per roll plus $11.95 shipping.  She said it might be worth looking at.  I was able to find the twill tape and saw that the seller had 18 spools.  Some had 500 yards, some had 400 yards, and some had 200 yards.  I decided to buy all 18 spools and placed my order:  8 spools of 500 yards, 6 spools of 400 yards, and 4 spools of 200 yards.  The total was $363.10 and the shipping was $109.14 which included a shipping discount for $82.20, all totaling $472.24.

I went to bed thinking about all the bags would be able to string with this lovely twill tape.  But I was also a bit troubled by the shipping cost, so at 1:30 a.m. I came back down to my computer and sent an email to my friends at ABC Sell it.  Here is what I wrote:

Dear ABC Sell  it Friends,
I just ordered 18 rolls of twill tape from you that will be used in humanitarian feminine hygiene kits we are sending to Mali and Ghana, West Africa.
These kits are packaged in a beautiful drawstring bag made by women and girls here, sent to school girls there.  We learned that girls in many parts of the world have to miss a week of school each month because of their periods.  We are trying to help these girls stay in school.  The kits last up to 3 years and will be a great blessing to those school girls.
You can read more about the kits and what we are doing on the Days for Girls website:  http://www.daysforgirls.org/
If there is any way you can combine our shipment to help us save on the shipping expense, we would be really grateful and happy.  We are a non-profit organization, just trying to help make the world a better place.
Any help you can offer would really be appreciated!
Thanks very much for providing us with an affordable way to help these girls!
Ann Lewis
Days for Girls Utah Valley Chapter

The next morning I found an email from Rick at ABC Sell it:  Ann, Please call me.  Regards, Rick.  I dialed the number he gave me and Rick answered immediately.  The conversation went something like this:

Rick:  “I got your email this morning and read about what you are doing.  I looked at the link you sent, then I showed it to my wife.”  He told me he is a stay at home Dad, and his wife works.  “She totally gets this.  She said ‘we’d better help this lady.'”  Then he asked me if we could use any other colors.  “I have 4000 yards of black twill tape in the warehouse.  I can add that to your order.”  I told him we’d take anything he had–we need it here for our kit bags.  He also told me he’d see what he could do about the shipping costs.  Then I went to my Family History Class for the rest of the day.

When I returned home, there was an email with a refund notice through PayPal through the seller.  I was quite speechless when I read that Rick had thrown in the 4000 yards of black tape and cut the entire order amount in half.  My bill was $236.12!

Today 2 very large heavy boxes arrived at my door.  I dragged them inside and opened them up, pulling out spool after spool.  We now have 6100 yards of white and 4000 yards of beautiful black twill tape!  That equals 10,100 yards for $236.12.  That equals .02 cents a yard or .04 cents per kit!  We will be able to thread 5050 kits that will go to our beautiful girls who are waiting to receive them!

I am not only writing my fingers to the bone, we are sewing our fingers to the bone!  We will carry on until the need is gone.

I send my sincerest THANKS to Rick at ABC Sell It in Carthage, North Carolina, and to his wonderful wife.  They recognized a need and did what they could to help.  That is something we each can do.

2014-4-29 Twill Tape order (2)

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  1. Di says:

    So cool. LOVE when things like this happen for DFG.

  2. Denice Roney says:

    Oh my! Did you just stand and cry when you looked at the miracle? I think I would.

  3. Chris Pocock says:

    There are a lot of good people in this world. We are so blessed to experience their goodness as we progress through this life.

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