Feeling Exhausted with Happiness!

We have had a crazy busy Days for Girls Week. Not only are we helping with events almost every single day, we are also receiving help from 100s of women–things are on our doorsteps almost daily.

Two weeks ago we received an email from a couple serving in Uganda reporting that refugees from Sudan were pouring into Ugandan refugee camps because of the civil unrest in the Sudan. More than 80,000 women and children, were in dire need of sanitary supplies. We put our heads down and went to work. And so have all of our friends. This is what our schedule looks like:

Apr 29      Email for help from Uganda
Apr 30      Copper Hills Ward, Riverton RS/YW Event
May 6       Work day in Fruit Heights
May 8       Work day in Fruit Heights
May 12      Service Project Group meeting in Springville, DfG to Cameroon
May 13      Work day in Fruit Heights
May 13      Lindon RS/YW Group
May 14      Orem RS/YW Group
May 14      Fruit Heights 1st Ward Kit Assembly
May 14      Fruit Heights 6th Ward
May 15      THIRD THURSDAY WORK DAY, Orem Stonewood Stake and Friends
May 18-21 Visit from Celeste Mergens,
Meetings with Ouelessebougou Alliance about work in Mali
May 31      Bountiful Stake RS Event
June 7      Heritage Quilters in Brigham City 9:30 a.m.
June 17     Payson YW Event
June 18     Stonewood 3rd Ward RS/YW Event
June 30     Open House/ Workshop at American Quilting 4:00 to 5:00 p.m.
June TBA  West Kaysville Event
July  6     Fireside at Heritage School, Provo

So this morning was our first Third Thursday DfG Work Day in Orem. We had a gym filled with women, working hard all morning. We ironed, traced, cut, sewed, serged and assembled. We also trained women from all over these mountain valleys. We have 9 Girls Camp groups doing DfG service projects in June and July. We are preparing things for them to take to the mountains to work on. We are having so much fun!  This happiness is exhausting.

When I think of the power and force for good of the women around me, I am often moved to tears.  I am meeting the most amazing women who are doing so much to share.  We have started a movement here that will not be stopped.  I feel compelled every day to do all I can to help.  I feel Heavenly Father’s hand in this movement.  I know He is aware of his daughters and He loves them, every single one.

photos coming


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