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IMG_1720So here’s what we’ve been up to with our Days for Girls work.  I tell my friends I go to parties several times a week!  It’s nothin’ but fun, which also happens to be our family’s vacation motto.  Speaking of which, we are leaving for the beach in a couple of days.

I just thought it might be interesting for some of you to see what is happening here in our mountain valleys since we started this movement among women.  It’s absolutely amazing and I’m proud to be a part of it.  I am surrounded by wonderful women and young ladies who look for ways to serve and help others.  Let us know if you have a group of women who want to help.  We can make that happen.

Days for Girls Schedule

8 July      200 Kits arrive in Uganda
8 July      Pleasant Grove Garden 7th Ward Event (Kendra Blesinger -801 995-2801)
8 July      Mapleton 5th Ward Event (Polly Brown – 801 489-6170)
10 July    Springville Hobblecreek Wards Event (Nicki Wake -801 491-8133)
16 July    Eagle Mountain Event (Cosette Hutton – 801 789-5017)
16 July    Provo Grandview 5th Ward Event (Jeanne Minert- 801 455-1684)
17 July    Third Thursday DfG Event 450 South 100 West, Orem, 9:00 to noon
17 July    Orem Cascade 4th Ward Event (Christy Lewis – 801 319-6210)
19 July    Provo, Grandview Super Saturday ( Ginny Lakey 801 375-9405)
28 July    200 kits and parts for 2000 more arrive in Ghana (Debbie Young and team)
She and Bernice Ankrah set up a Sewing Center there to produce kits in-country
31 July    Open House from 2:00 to 4:00 at American Quilting, Orem
31 July    Provo Peak 2nd Ward Event (Liana Au – 801 885-7675)
3 Aug      Heritage School, Provo (Tami Harris 801 336-4639)
12 Aug    Midvale East 4th Ward Kick Off Activity (Marjorie Conder – 801 225-7621)
14 Aug    Draper Pre-view Event Canyon Corner 1st Ward, (Addie Fuhriman 801 631-2945)
21 Aug    Third Thursday DfG Event 450 South 100 West, Orem, 9:00 to noon
30 Aug   Open House, American Quilting, Orem (come to learn about what we do)
30-31 Aug  St. George gathering (Barbara Prestwich – 435 463-2258)
2 Sept    Orem Event Sunset 10th Ward (Linda Olson – 801 221-8287)
3 Sept     South Jordan Event (Lori Munk 801 953-8372)
8 Sept    Lehi 4th Ward Event (Jean Edwards – 801 768-3407)
10 Sept   Saratoga Springs, Riverside Ward Event (Michleene Johnson – 801 734-0638)
11 Sept    Midvale East 4th Ward Event (Marjorie Conder – 801 225-7621)
13 Sept   Super Saturday Event 10:00-3:00, Sandy (Betsy Chamberlain – 801 209-8487)
17 Sept   Lehi Cedar Hollow 5th Ward (Vickie Hacking – 801 709-4929)
18 Sept   Third Thursday DfG Event 450 South 100 West, Orem, 9:00 to noon
18 Sept   Third Thursday Evening 6:00 to 9:00, BYU YSA 13th Stake coming
18 Sept   Rose Park 8th Ward 6:30 (Shandra Andrews – 801 657-0902)
25 Sept   Payson Event (Kay Banks)
27 Sept   Vernal Stake RS/YW Event (Nena Caldwell – 435 789-5680)
8 Oct      Lehi 4th Ward  (Jean Edwards – 801 768-3407)
9 Oct      Draper Canyon Corner 1st Ward Event  (Addie Fuhriman 801 631-2945)
16 Oct    Third Thursday DfG Event 450 South 100 West, Orem, 9:00 to noon
16 Oct    Third Thursday Evening 6:00 to 9:00, BYU Stakes coming
21 Oct    Pleasant Grove 3rd Ward  (Melanie Hyatt)
23 Oct?  Orem Northridge 4th Ward Event (Lysa Rytting 801 310-4066)

Tonight as I was running around, trying to get things here ready to leave behind for 2 weeks, my son Adam turned to me and said, “Mom.  Just tell all those girls not to have a period this month so you can go to the beach and forget them.”

I wonder if that’s possible.

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