There are Miracles Happening Here

I love Africa.  I love my friends in Africa.  These are some of my friends in Ghana who have started a Days for Girls Sewing Center this last month.  The first time Bernice Ankrah saw a Days for Girls kit a few months ago, she understood the need and saw the vision.  Since that day, we have sent several hundred kits to her and she has distributed them in many villages and to many groups of beautiful young women.  Last month we sent supplies to her to start a DfG Sewing Center.  Here are some photos we received this week of our Ghanaian sisters making feminine hygiene kits.  They are beautiful women and girls.

2014-8-25 Bernice's shop 1 2014-8-25 Bernice's shop 2 2014-8-25 Bernice's shop 3

Even husbands and sons join in helping put snaps on the shields–until they wear themselves out!2014-8-25 Bernice's shop 4 2014-8-25 Bernice's shop 5

Pictured below are Bernice and her husband, Prince Ankrah.  They are an amazing team making miracles happen.

2014-8-28 Bernice & Prince Ankrah

Yesterday we learned of a container leaving today for Ghana.  We were told there were 10 empty feet that we could fill with DfG supplies to send to Bernice.  We went right to work preparing cotton, flannel and PUL fabric, Ziploc bags, underwear, soaps and cut pieces ready to sew.  Then we contacted our friend, Gino Rich from Sew Much Hope and he helped us get 28 sewing machines he had outfitted with hand cranks (no electricity needed) that can be sent to women in rural areas.

Right now all of these items are safely packed into a container heading to Ghana to friends I love.  These are miracles.  The joy of it all keeps me awake at night.  I can’t stop smiling.

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