On the Front Porch This Evening–

2014-9-23 Present 500 Shields Christine Chappell (7)Every day I come home from somewhere, I go check the front porch.  I usually find something there, like a box of Ziploc bags, or a bag of cute girl’s undies, or little bag of hotel soaps.  Sometimes I find boxes of donated fabrics, or a stack of cut shield pieces.

After a long day of teaching, I came home at about 8:30 tonight and noticed something orange through the side windows by the front door.  It looked big.  It was.  What in the world??  Then I noticed PERIODS all over the box and a large orange PERIOD on the card.  Yes, a Days for Girls Fairy had been here!
2014-9-23 Present 500 Shields Christine Chappell (3)2014-9-23 Present 500 Shields Christine Chappell (6)Take a look at the card.  Oh My Gosh.  1000 Shields!!  This could only be the work of one amazing friend–Christine Chappell, who lives in Heber Utah.  Christine is a Feminine Hygiene Rock Star.  She learned about Days for Girls last August, just about the time we were thinking of organizing a Chapter here in Utah.  She started sewing kits all on her own.  I first heard from her maybe in November.  She told me she was working on kits and had some finished.  We met and have met on my front porch every few weeks ever since.  She always brings shields or liners or bags for our kits and I send her off with fabric.

Last July she told me that she’d set a goal to finish 5000 shields in her first year of sewing for DfG.  She had a few weeks left to finish them.  By mid-August she was there!  Imagine 5000 shields, as well as 100s of bags and 100s of liners.  It’s an amazing thing Christine does.

Christine has a beautiful young family with 4 boys and an adorable daughter who started kindergarten this year.  She’s a busy mom, but she makes time to help others.  I love that about Christine.  Her children will learn lessons not many children in today’s world get to learn–that the world is larger than those we see and the stuff we have, and that we have enough to share, Always.  I am proud and thrilled to know women like Christine, and the others who dropped offerings at my door today.  Together we are making a huge difference and that makes me very happy.2014-9-23 Present 500 Shields Christine Chappell (2)   2014-9-23 Present 500 Shields Christine Chappell (11)

Here’s a picture I took of Christine earlier this year, when she came to drop things off.   I just want you to know her and appreciate her as I do.  Thank you, my friend.  Thank you.

2014-7-7 Christine Chappell (4)

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6 Responses to On the Front Porch This Evening–

  1. That is one beautiful Gift!

  2. Fantastic! I also just received a box of drawstring bags and liners from a group of 8o year old Italian ladies. So sweet and thoughtful of them!

  3. LuAnn says:

    God bless her!

  4. Mamma says:

    Amazing and inspiring woman!

  5. I would love to get involved in this. Is there a pattern that you use? Can you email the details to me? Thanks, Denise in Yucca Valley, CA ddquinlan@aol.com.

    • Go to the daysforgirls.org website for all the info and patterns. See if there is a chapter in your area who can help you get involved. If you’re ever in Utah, please come drop by or call me if you have any questions at 801 376-3417. This is the Best Project Ever!

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