Remembering Mary Payne/Pain d. 14 October 1844, my 3rd Great-grandmother

Pioneer Quote

Mary passed away in the Winter Quarters area, 5 miles west of Kitchens Settlement. She and her husband James were among the exiled Mormons, from the state of Illinois. Starvation and disease ran rampant among these new communities and Mary fell victim.  James states in his autobiography that he lost his wife and youngest son very soon after. Two more children would die.  You can feel the fear in James’s writing, when he talks about ‘this place will kill the lot of us.’

Today I remember the sacrifice Mary made.  She gave all she had.  I am grateful to her for that gift.  I am here today because she came first.
Pioneer Burial

A blanket wraps your lifeless form,
As if it’s presence can make you warm.
We cannot stop our freezing tears,
Nor think of future, empty years.
Nor even take the time to grieve,
For we must surely take our leave.

The wagons slowly move along;
We, among the tattered throng.
We trudge behind, as journey starts;
Choking sobs, with broken hearts.
Blinding sleet now numbs our pain;
Our only hope, “We’ll meet again”.

~Shirleen C. Farley 2011

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