Utah Valley Kits Distributed in Ethiopia!

My Friend, Diana Bingham, who is the Director of Operations for East Africa with Engage Now Africa sent these photos and note today.  These are our first kits to go into Ethiopia from Utah Valley!2014-10-28 Ethiopia 3

Hi Ann
Here are a few pictures from my latest trip to Ethiopia.  As you can see the girls came straight out of the classroom and simply sat on the grass to learn.  All 40 girls were present and we learned that 15 girls were not present due to their cycles!!!  A few girls shared their kit with some girls.  We were short a few kits and I asked the girls that had “light” cycles.  Three girls were willing to spilt up their kits with them.  It was interesting as in the beginning all of the girls would not talk, answer questions or respond.  I then noticed that there were male teachers standing around watching and I asked them to leave.  They were comfortable with one of our staff that was my translator though.  It was a lovely experience and they are so very anxious for us to continue with these kits.  Gideon, one of our staff says “this is an amazing project and very much needed.”  It is not very often that a man comments so openly about something related to women. So wonderful.

I am trying to head back in February.  In June I will also be going for an expedition and will be able to take quite a few kits, depending on how many participants.  This is still in the works and will know more in a few months.

Much love to you and all your efforts, Ann.  We are changing a few things in this world. Little by little. I love the phrase by Mother Theresa ” we can do no great things but only small things with great love.”  I TRY and live by her motto.

2014-10-28 Ethiopia 42014-10-28 Ethiopia 1

Please help us provide kits for the beautiful girls who need them.  The needs are HUGE, in most parts of the world, especially in Africa, the land that I love.

Please do what you can to help–every single kits allows another girl to stay in school every day of the month, which, in most cases, is the difference between an education or not.  How can we not help??

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