Remembering Priscilla Elizabeth Bushman b. 22/23 January 1858

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Today I will remember a sweet little child, the first-born of my great grandparents, Jacob and Charlotte Bushman.  her name was Priscilla Elizabeth Bushman and she was born January 22 or 23, 1858.  She only lived a few months, returning Home on August 15th, 1859.

In 1852 Jacob Bushman went to California, finding work along the way.  He eventually learned of a group of ten families going to San Bernardino, and he joined them.  He later wrote:

Arrived there about the Fall of 1855, and I thought it was a fine place. I went to work for Brother Theodore Turley and John Cook. A short time. Then went on the mountain to run and Engine for a saw mill for Gilbert Hunt. I was there about 3 months. In the Fall of 1856, I went to work for George Crisman. And in March 3, 1857, I was married to Charlotte Turley, daughter of Theodore Turley and Francis Kimberly Turley. Then news came from Salt Lake for all that called themselves Latter Day Saints to come back to Utah, and the most of the Saints started back in December 1857.

I left Sanbernardino on the 25 day of Dec. 1857 in company with my father-in-law and two brother-in-laws and about 20 other families for Utah. We traveled along until we arrived at the Muddy on the night of 22 of Jan. 1858. And on the 23 of Jan. My first child was born, a girl Pricilla Elizabeth. We had a hard time from there until we reached Cedar City about the first of Feb. 1858. I left my wife there with her father and went on to Lehi with one of my brother-in-laws Stephen Franklin, and we arrived in Lehi about the 10th of Feb. 1858, being gone nearly six years.

In March, I returned to Cedar City for my wife and child, traveling through snow sometimes three feet deep. And started back for Lehi the first week in April 1858. Had to shovel snow going back. Arrived there about the middle of April. 
[Jacob Bushman, History of Jacob Bushman, (autobiography typescript), L. Tom Perry Special Collections Library, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.]

I found an entry of Priscilla’s birth in the Lehi Ward Records, Book A, page 3, line 4 (FHL microfilm # 025,571) that recorded:
Priscilla E. Turly Bushman, child of Jacob & Sharlotte, born Jany 22/58, place:  on the Muddy, Utah; blessed May 8th/59 by William Snow.

Family records show that Priscilla Elizabeth died in Muddy, Washington, Utah, August 15, 1859.  [Newbern Butt, The Bushman Family of Lancaster Pennsylvania, p. 20. (No source listed.)] I suspect they were back in Lehi when Priscilla died. Charlotte would have been only 18 years old and Jacob 28 when she was born.
[The Western States Marriage Index lists their marriage date as 2 March 1857.]

What difficult things my ancestors did.  What heartaches they endured.  What joy they must feel now, reunited!

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