A Valentine’s Wish

2014-2-14 Valentine's Day (1)
Here is a Valentine’s card my son Aaron gave me in 2001 when he was 5 years old.  It’s been hanging in my office these 14 years where I see it every day.  I loved it then, and I love it even more now, especially after a day like today when I went to find all the fabric I need.  Little did that 5 -year-old boy know just how important fabric would be to me and to others.   The fabric I purchased today will change lives.

Every now and again we hit a really good fabric sale.  It happened today at JoAnn Fabric’s.  60% off flannel plus an additional 20% off at the register.  As fast as donations come in to Days for Girls Utah chapters, we buy fabric.  Today I filled 4 shopping carts full.  It made my heart sing.  Within a few months, all of this fabric will be sewn into feminine hygiene kits that will be sent to girls desperate to stay in school every day of the month.

It’s fun to watch the faces of customers at the cutting table when I buy boatloads of fabric.  Some are brave enough to ask what in the world I’m going to do with all of it.  I am never shy to pull a shield and liners out of my purse to show them.  Without fail, several always take my name and phone number and get back to me to schedule events with their circles of friends.  There is goodness in this fabric.  We all feel it.2015-2-13  (2)  2015-2-13  (5)

2015-2-13  (6)

Tonight my washer and dryer are humming.  Lengths of flannel are hanging over my banister and are draped in doorways.  The basket in the laundry room is filling with lint and the piles of folded pieces are deepening.  I bought an electric rotary cutter a few weeks ago and have been cutting strips in every spare minute for all of our events.  It’s pretty fun to work with all this fabric.  I wish Aaron could see me now.  It’s probably good he can’t see that our upstairs bedrooms have been taken over by fabric.  If he were here to see it, I’d have to remind him on his Valentine’s wish to me 14 years ago:  “I hope you find all the fabric you need.”  Aaron, I’m trying!

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6 Responses to A Valentine’s Wish

  1. Christie says:

    Ann, the amazing effort and all the good it is doing continues to amaze! Just love the card and how prophetic it was!

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  3. Kellie says:

    You are doing such incredible things! What an amazing servant of The Lord. You are changing lives and the blessings will continue to flow down on you! Thank you for being an example to us all. And I love the valentines note and that you’ve kept it for all these years!!

  4. I love to follow your posts! They are great! I went to that sale at joAnn’s also and I can go back on the 25th to use the 20% off because I’m over 60 now.

  5. Clo says:

    Hi, Ijust came across your post, oh what lovely fabric loveliness! I have just started Days for Girls in Muscat Oman and we can not get flannel here so I am looking at places to purchase in the US. thanks for sharing. Oh and I LOVE your cutter!

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