Farewell, Old Friends. 20-year-old sofas retired.

2015-2-19 Old Sofas (1)These friends have been beyond thread-bare for a few years.  Our beloved sofas were replaced today.  It was sad to see them taken out–it felt sort of like putting a family pet down.  We have lived on these sofas for a long long time.  I can’t even guess how many times they’ve supported us with comfort through countless family events, parties and gatherings, holidays and Christmas mornings, family home evening lessons, and of course, hours and hours of the boys watching Sports Center on TV.  We’ve napped on these sofas, read books here, stitched quilts here, and watched favorite movies–from Disney to Jane Austin to X-Men.  We’ve had book club gatherings here, ward socials, and funeral meals.  Our lives have been lived on and around these sofas.

It doesn’t seem right to put them out on the street with a “Free For The Taking” sign on them, but that’s what will happen tomorrow if the skies are clear.  No one will know or understand the love that had surrounded these friends these last 20 years.  I am feeling a bit sad, saying good-bye.2015-2-19 Old Sofas (2) 2015-2-19 Old Sofas (4) 2015-2-19 Old Sofas (6) 2015-2-20 Old Sofas going (1) 2015-2-20 Old Sofas going (5)

Farewell, Old Friends, Farewell.Sofas for Sale on Street

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4 Responses to Farewell, Old Friends. 20-year-old sofas retired.

  1. Kitty says:

    It would be fun to have a post on face book requesting everyone who has sat on those sofas to like the page. I bet you’d get hundreds and hundreds of likes. I remember when they were brand, brand new.

  2. Maryan Myres Shumway says:

    Ann, I burst into tears when our old couch was being carried out–just before we moved to Qatar. It was half of the L-Section couch we bought 30 years ago when we got married. The last 15 years or so it was tucked away in a small room we dubbed ‘the library.’ Tears, pang, mourning as I said my farewells to that couch.

  3. Denice says:

    Oh Ann! It looks like you should have replaced those 10 years ago. Maybe you can cut up the good parts and make bags for DFG. 😉 show us a picture of the new sofas. Why did you get new just as you are moving?

  4. We ordered the new furniture before we knew we were leaving. It took awhile to get them here! The kids couldn’t bare to part with them, so we waited for the kids to go first!

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