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2015-2-26 Guatemala 01

Last week our DfG Leaders, Debbie Young and Nicole Larsen returned from a trip to Guatemala where they distributed kits.  I know you will want to hear Nicole’s report and see some of the photos they took.  Nicole is one of our DfG Leaders in Saratoga Springs and Debbie is helping me step back from my responsibilities here as I prepare for our mission.  I love these women.  Here is a photo of Nicole, and below is her report:2015-2-26 Guatemala 02

Loved doing the Days for Girls training! This is a program that is designed to empower girls and women!! In this village in Guatemala the women and girls are currently using newspaper or dirty cloths during their monthly menstrual cycle because sanitary napkins are hard to come by in the small village, plus they are way too expensive.

Most girls drop out of school when they start menstruating, which is a big part of what is keeping the poverty cycle going.

We trained them on personal hygiene, how their cycles work – believe it or not this was the first time hearing about this for most – even the mothers that we trained were blown away and asked “why have we not heard of this before?!” We talked about their value as women and gave them reusable feminine hygiene kits that will last them 3 years!!!

This was soooooo awesome to see their excitement on their faces and their gratitude for this special gift!! Loved this!! They were blown away that they could actually walk, and do things during their menstrual cycle!!! Our hope is that the girls will be able to be empowered, stay in school, and be able to fulfill their hopes and dreams in life!!

If anyone wants to get involved in helping with making these kits let me know!! We constantly have groups going to sew the kits!!!      –Nicole Larsen

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Pictured above is Debbie Young, our new Utah Regional DfG Leader.

Thank you, ladies, for your kind hearts and for how quickly you share with others.

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