Who’s linen closet looks like this?? Mine does!

2015-3-7 Organizing, fabric (2)Thanks to my husband, John.  I got up early and headed north to Kaysville today for a big Days for Girls Event.  John has been tackling the piles and stuff in our house while I’m out doing DfG work.  Today he emptied the linen closet (the last time I looked, I could hardly close the door).  This is what I came home to.  Amazing.   John is going room by room, pile by pile, organizing things before we go.  I am avoiding that job as much as possible.  I’m feeling fine about just walking away and closing the door.  I’m putting in 14 hour days, every day, racing to keep up with the volunteer work right now.  This week alone we’ve sent kits to Bangladesh, 50 lbs of cut flannel to Cameroon, I boxed 100 kits to send to Nigeria, I’m working with friends from Switzerland who want to start DfG there, I’ve answered dozens and dozens of emails and we’ve had 4 big events and have collected more than 1000 finished kits.  I also have picked up a few carloads of donations and sorted and given work out to a few dozen women.  Did I say that was just in this last week?  Yep.  Fun.  Love it.

My life is still full of piles.  Everywhere there are piles.  Mostly fabric and DfG stuff.  Here is the first of 3 carloads of kits that came in this week from our events:  The garage is also full.  The good news is that these kits will soon be on their way to the girls who need them.
2015-3-6 Preston Idaho Kits (4)2015-3-8 Piles in Garage

Here’s Adam’s room–I’ve taken over:2015-3-7 Organizing, fabric (5)2015-3-7 Organizing, fabric (6)I’m grateful that John is organizing our lives for us.  He’s an orderly sort of guy.  He makes beds too.  I’m happy about that, because I’m not getting to it.  I mostly organize women and events and talk a lot–to a lot of people.  Sometimes it feels like going on a mission in a few months will be a rest from this busy schedule.  But people are telling me to sleep now, while I can.  Sleep?  Who does that?

Here are a few photos from our event today in Kaysville:2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (16)2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (53)2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (48)  2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (57)2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (42)2015-3-7 Kaysville East Stake (72)

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  1. Martie says:

    Where can I donate fabric to your organization?

  2. Where do you live? My porch is always an open drop off point. Or there may be other places closer to wherever you are. I’m in Orem.

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