The End of an Era: John says Farewell to BYU

2015-5-1 John BYU Last Day 2

Friday was John’s last official day at BYU.  I took this photo of him there, at his desk at the end of the day.  In 1996 John decided to leave the corporate world for something different.  He offered his services at BYU and was immediately swept up into the academic world.  For these last many years, he’s been an Associate Vice President of External Relations for the University.  It’s been a wonderful spot for him to do the things he loves best.  He’s looked over things like publications and graphics, special events, alumni, guest relations, licensing and trademarks, and has been the face of the University in the community.  Pretty fun.

I have enjoyed our time at BYU so much.  I will miss it.  I spent about 10 of the last 12 years or so going to school, often full-time.  I think I took somewhere between 70 and 80 classes (after graduating years ago).  I enjoyed parking privileges and Bookstore discounts.  I enjoyed being among the bright-eyed and clean-cut students.  I especially enjoyed meeting and learning at the feet of some amazing professors and mentors.  Some are among my closest friends.

It’s hard to say good bye to a very good thing.  As you can see, John has not quite packed up and moved out of his office yet, but tomorrow he will not put on a suit or tie, and drive off to work.  He will stay home.  With me.  And we will continue our preparations to leave on our mission next month.  What an interesting turn of events has come into our lives!

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  1. winterscharlene says:

    You will both be missed very much. Enjoy this great adventure.

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