Moving Day!

2015-6-22 Moving to Q with AdamThere’s lots of moving going on around here!  This photo was taken in front of Building Q, located at 1200 North and 600 East in Orem, where our new Days for Girls Sewing Center is being set up.  Adam helped me empty his bedroom and our garage and haul all the fabric over to our new spaces, where we spent yesterday afternoon assembling shelves and moving things in.  It’s an answer to prayer, just like people are, who come to help.

Today is my last day at home before we enter the Missionary Training Center.  We’ll be there learning until Sunday, then home Monday, then we drive off Tuesday for Washington.  We’ve been hanging out with the kids every spare moment, soaking in their goodness and fun.  Tonight we went for burgers and fresh strawberry shakes.  Our last meal together for awhile.  It was fun.

We’re doing a fair bit of moving here at home too–moving piles from one place to the next, organizing our storage rooms and garage, clearing things out of corners and closets, taking trips to thrift stores with things we no longer need, moving here, moving there.  Next week we’ll move into our new Mission Home in Yakima and start all over again.  It will be nice to be there, and to live simply for the next 3 years.

I did take a bit of fabric along.  I’ve already got several groups of women there waiting.

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  1. Lorie Wilkins says:

    Ann, I didn’t realize about the sewing center! What are the details on that and how can people help there? If you even have time to respond. PS: Best wishes again on your mission!

    • We’ll be sending word out soon as soon as we’re all moved in. It’s going to be FABULOUS to have a permanent place to go to work or drop off or pick up stuff. We’ll let you know when the times and days are posted. Keep an eye on FB or our DFG Utah website. I’ll add you to the newsletter too, so you’ll always be in the loop. Thank you for helping. We’re off to the MTC now!

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