Our Welcome to Yakima!

YakimaWe are in our new Mission Home in Yakima!  Oh My, this is FUN!  After 4 days in the MTC, we packed our bags, turned the house over to the kids and Tuesday we drove away after one last stop at El Azteca for taquitos and a fresh strawberry shake from Taco Amigo on our way out of town.

We arrived in Yakima on Wednesday, July 1st, and spent the entire day meeting with President and Sister Ware from the Kennewick Mission.  We got the computers, phones and  an iPad set up, got our vehicle and keys to everything, met our wonderful office staff, then came to the Mission Home which looks like something that should be in a publication called Home Beautiful.  It’s spectacular.  Absolutely Beautiful.  Then we greeted visitors and met the neighbors before dropping into bed.

Thursday and Friday we traveled throughout the entire mission, meeting about 114 missionaries who traveled from all over to meet and greet us.  We held meetings in Yakima, The Dalles, Oregon, Moses Lake and Wenatchee, and then went out teaching in the evening.  Oh My, it was Fun!  These are Outstanding young men and women who voluntarily come at their own expense for 18 months (the Sisters) or 2 years (the Elders) just because they know what they believe and they are happy and willing to share that joy.  It’s really quite remarkable in today’s world to find so much goodness.   They are bright and smart and kind and good.  I love being with them.

Today is the 4th of July.  We spent the morning unpacking the boxes the moving van took from our house in Orem several weeks ago.  Some clothing, some books, some art work, some things we didn’t want to live with out.  Now that there are quilts in every room and some clothes in the closet, I’m feeling really happy and at home.  As soon as we have the wi-fi working here, I’ll be able to post some photos.

This afternoon we had the local Zone Leaders and Assistants over for an All-American BBQ (photos coming).  It was so fun.  These missionaries are so good.  I hope if you see some in your neighborhood, you’ll invite them in.

I am so grateful to be here, to be in a land I love, with freedoms I cherish, and with lots of new friends.  We are excited about this next Grand Adventure.  It’s going to be amazing.

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  1. Nicole Camp says:

    We are so excited to follow your journey. Hurry up with the wifi so we can view the pictures!

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